Can people cheat this ?

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Can people cheat this ?

Post by tacnet69 »

Hi guys

First off, excellent piece of software. Already bought one license and will be buying more in due course

Ive seen a number of "suspicious" trades from sites with alexa rankings way over 10m that are sending in over 500 uniques a day with Prod TG of 0.5 and above. Ive checked the cheat logs and they are all different IPs and everything looks normal.

I know there are scripts out there that can fake traffic but can they also fake click thrus ??
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Re: Can people cheat this ?

Post by eviltomato »

Forum looks a bit dead and you may not see this.. but yea it could be cheated.

Be pretty easy to do it through zennoposter or something similar.
Get a huge list of proxies or scrape your own, rotate the list through the app and bot your own website.
Click your own images and when it goes through to a trade site.. wait a random time and click a random element, maybe do it again. Clear cache, use random browser-agent, repeat.
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