index.php is corrupted

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index.php is corrupted

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The file /home/username/ is corrupted. Ensure that you use binary mode when transferring files with FTP and disable the 'TAR smart cr/lf feature' if using WinZIP

I know this is trojan. It damage only te3, I don't know why.

Hosting support closed wordpress "upload" folder for execution of php and anyway after months of stable work it somehow came to me again.

Anyone know how this trojan leaked to index.php of te3 again?
How to protect it?
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Re: index.php is corrupted

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if you were hacked trough WP they can always have a backdoor to access your server, you will need to check all your files or update everything or reinstall everything and limit access with your IP. You can always download TE3 installer and run install.php one more time and update TE3 files, check the file integrity check.

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