Make it totally unobtrusive like google analytics

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Make it totally unobtrusive like google analytics

Post by tacnet69 »

First off, this is a great product. Much better than my last traffic management system

The only nag i have (and its a bit of a show stopper when trying to use your product on larger sites) and that is, in order to get your click counter to work, you have to re-do all your links to go via your out script, right ?? (unless im missing something)

Thats ok for external links but for internal links it can cause real problems.

Just one of our sites has over 200,000 pages and we have spent the last 10 years or so fine tuning our link structure to get the biggest SEO benefit. The thought of tearing all that apart, loosing all that SEO momentume we've built up over the years, just to get your link counter working kinda horrifies me

Would it not be possible to make your system TOTALLY unobtrusive by using all on page counters, like google analytics does. (i believe one of your competitors is already working on this)

ie if you record the users IP address on several different pages then you know those are the pages he has clicked on. And if you record a timestamp, you can even tell in what order he clicked them

No need to bastardise all our internal links and you could probably still do it all with a single include script or even a javascript call (again like analytics)
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Re: Make it totally unobtrusive like google analytics

Post by Rock »

Hello, tacnet69.

Thanks for your feature request! You are right - you have to modify all clickable links on your site, to pass through out.php if you would like to count clicks. There is no alternative method avilable in TE3 at the moment.

We will surely think about what can be done in that regard and have already added your suggestion to our todo list.

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