sort toplist by algo out points

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sort toplist by algo out points

Post by bbhrucy79 »

since toplists / thumb toplists are hugely important, its important to sort them right. However right now there is no real good way of sorting them.

Sorting by 24 hrs value?

The size of the trade is not considered (owed)

Sorting by 24 hrs clktg?

The value of the trade is not considered.....

However how about the ability to sort toplist by the outlist points?
This would finally mean that you can sort the toplists the right way, exactly the same way the algo thinks its right!

Also it would be good that the size of the thumbtoplist matches the size of the actual out list. So it would have to change dynamically. Also we should be able to determine how many thumbs we want to show per trade. Like, 3,2,1......

The big difference is that you would not send skimmed traff but pure toplist traff.... this is the future of tgp.... more % of thumbtoplist traffic.... right now however its agonizing that it cannot be really sorted "right".

:ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek:

(by the way there is a very old trade script out there that implemented this feature approx.4 years ago..... the problem though is that trade script I am talking about does not support multiniche trading.....and support sucks guys have best support)


a not on the toplists editor, its very nice you guys added conditions (Thank You) but we cannot mass edit conditions......I also dont see where are the conditions located in tedata/idata/toplist.dat , otherways I could edit witha text editor and not bother you.....
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Re: sort toplist by algo out points

Post by Rock »

Hello, bbhrucy79.

You can already sort a toplist by outlist points - select the "Owed" toplist sort. If you'd like to monitor the stats in your Overview menu, enable the "Owed" column as well.

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