TE version 2.2

Here you can see what has been added / changed in TE.

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TE version 2.2

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TE version 2.2 build 11
  • Remove cronjobs from crontab: You can and should remove both TE cronjobs from the CRONTAB (cstat and cping). If you won't remove them, there will be nothing wrong with it, but it's just unneccessary to have them in your crontab, so REMOVE them. If you are not sure how to remove cronjobs from the crontab, contact your server administrator and let him/her know that TE 2.2 does not require cronjobs anymore and ask them kindly to remove them for you.
  • Dynamic skim: All system trades are excluded from dynamic skim calculation now. Since that changes "Ratio raw" calculation significantly.
    If you are using "dynamic skim" feature on your site and remember, you should go to the "tools / dynamic skim" menu and check / adjust the rules accordingly. If you are NOT using "dynamic skim" feature, you don't need to do anything.
  • Tooltips in the top left side of your browser: If tooltips are output in the top-left side of the browser window, all you have to do is SHIFT + REFRESH (Firefox) or CTRL + refresh (IE)..
  • Tooltips: We've spent a lot of time adding useful tooltips all over the admin interface. You can now learn about
    each and every feature simply by holding your mouse over the parameters, directly in the menus.
  • WEB installer: You don't have to be a server expert to install TE 2.2, because it comes with a WEB installer, which allows you to install it in less than 2 minutes using only FTP access and a WEB browser.
  • Edit trade sync: When you are editing a trade, you can select "Update this trade on other sites in your network" option.
  • Interface sync: Usually you would like to create new or customize existing interface(s) using interface wizard on just one site in your network and then sync those interface(s) with your other sites. You can do that now!
  • Blacklist sync: In the previous versions you could sync blacklist through the mass edit window, which was not very logical. You can now sync blacklist directly from the "Tools / Blacklist" menu.
  • Search engine sync: In the previous versions you could sync search engine list through the mass edit window, which was not very logical. You can now sync search engine list directly from the "Options / S.E." menu.
  • New trade "default values" sync: Usually webmasters have "default values" for "new trade" window set the same over all their network. For this reason, we've added a sync option for the "Default values" (tab) in the "New trade" window. You can now easily sync the "new trade default values" with other sites in your network.
  • New trade defaults: This menu has been moved from "Options / General / New trade defaults" to the "New trade" window under the "Default values" tab.
  • "Options / general" menu simplified: We've further simplified this menu to make things less confusing for the end user.
  • Trade options simplified: "New trade" (and default values for new trades), "edit trade" and "mass edit" forms have been simplified. Ping module has been totally removed.
    Spider, proxy watch and country watch can be only set to "Disabled / Informative / Auto suspend". We've dropped "interval" and "violation interval" parameters.
    Intervals for spider, proxy watch and country watch can be globally set in the "options / general / main" menu now.
  • New history statistics: History has been totally recreated. It is much easier to read it now and it loads faster.
  • Realtime history statistics: Anyone who is using toplist history feature will find this improvement useful. In the previous version
    history was updated once a day at the midnight. Since version 2.2 history is updated realtime and so is the history toplist.
  • Interface wizard editor: All existing and new interfaces can now be edited at anytime in the future. Missing a column? Simply click on the edit link located in the statistics pages and select/deselect additional columns, click save and refresh statistics page. That's it.
  • New interfaces: Interfaces have been recreated for the following menus: Overview, pages, sites and webmaster's panel.
  • Marking whole TR on double click: You can mark whole TR in the statistics tables with the yellow color if you double click on a row. In the previous version you could remove the marking with a single click on the row. The issue was that marking got removed if you clicked on the "edit" icon for example because that's a single click. Since version 2.2 you also have to double click to unmark the row.
  • Cronless: TE doesn't require cronjobs anymore. Stats and logs processing is now triggered by "in.cgi" module. On most other scripts we've noticed that browser keeps "loading" your web page while the "in module" is running (processing stats, processing logs, crawling your trades etc.). Their "in modue" is still running, although the content on your web page has already been loaded. This is annoying and affects your surfers directly. As usually, we took the additional time and properly implemented this feature.
  • Multi thread control: on each site processing stats has to be triggered each minute.
    If you are running several TEs on a single server, starting stats processing at exactly the same time could overload your server. Multi thread control prevents this from happening. All you have to do, is to make sure you have a writtable "/tmp" directory and stats on your sites will be processed one at a time.
  • Network statistics: You can now select from the following additional columns:
    - System trades: Bookmarks, unknown ,no cookie, search engines, blocked, exout, TE out and bounced.
    - Number of new trades

    And on top of that, you can now select/deselect additional columns easily using the new "interface wizard editor" (described above).
  • New graphs: You'll find a new last24h graph at the bottom of the overview menu. New history graph has been added at the top of the all new history statistics page. You will find a new network graph at the bottom of the "Statistics / Network" menu (formerly "Statistics / Multi"). There is a also a new graph icon next to each site in your network, so you can click on it to display a network graph for each individual site. A graph has also been added to the bottom of the "statistics" menu and "link" menu.
  • History toplist - last X days: In the previous version you could only display all-time history toplist. Now you can display last X days.
  • Admin interface is now based on cookies: In the previous versions, we've used "qid" parameter in the query string to handle sessions. To further optimize admin interface
    for speed, we've decided to drop "qid" method and to introduce cookie based sessions.
  • Force info: If you feel like force columns in the "Statistics / Overview" are taking too much space, you can instead use "force info". "Yes" indicates that one of the forces (instant, per hour, at least) is set and is active (time hasn't expired yet). Hold mouse over the "Yes" link for more details. If forces are not set or the time expired, "force info" cell will be empty.
  • Domain info: Holding mouse over the domain link will display trade details such as ID, trade type, site name and more.
  • Index pages: "Index pages" tab has been added to the mass edit form and edit window for individual trades.
  • Thumb grabber improved: Thumb grabber intelligence has been greatly improved. It will rarely grab any design elements or banners and it will keep images in the original quality where this is possible.
  • Alexa stats: Alexa stats can be accessed from the multi task menu for each individual trade.
  • Force module has been improved.
  • Webmaster login bug: Not permitted error problem fixed.
  • Index pages bug fixed: Multiple index pages are now being rotated again based on cookies.
  • Outgoing unique sort order bug fixed.
  • Balance ratio bug on the toplist fixed.
  • Lots of small features and useful links added in various menus.