IMPORTANT - auto disable trades based on criteria

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IMPORTANT - auto disable trades based on criteria

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okay so I do not babysit my trade experts - and this was my terrible mistake. I did not even look at them for cuople weeks. And then now I check them out and looks like a whole network of trade partner sites bit the ground and went out of business, server offline, DNS not resolved etc, and then I look the history for them and its like one week already. The horror part is that te3 happily continued to send traffic out to these sites - even when they are not even online!!!!

Therefore I think its imperative to have a feature that auto disables trades if they are not even online!!!

SO maybe pinging them or checking if their domain is even resolving.

Then you can set frequency, like ping once per hour and if its not online disable it since you can destroy your whole network if you are
sending out traffic to trades that are offline and not giving you back anything.

Probably this would be wise to check once per hour. And auto-disable / auto-enable. Including toplists.

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Re: IMPORTANT - auto disable trades based on criteria

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Hello, bbhrucy79

You're right, this would be a useful feature to have in TE3. We'll definitely look into it and try to come up with something.

Thanks for the suggestion and best regards,
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